About Me


My name is Meredith Brunner, and I have been a licensed and board certified therapist for over 8 years now! I absolutely love what I do and have a passion for healing arts of all kinds. From sound bowl and tuning forks to essential oils, crystals, and stones; I utilize many tools in my massage sessions and yoga classes to retune our bodies to be in harmony with the healing vibration of the Universe that is within and without. I feel that health-care requires giving proper attention to all aspects of our lives, to maintain balance and optimal health in our physical, mental, energetic, emotional, social, spiritual, and environmental bodies. Alternative healing practices such as massage, yoga, and essential oils, have been utilized by the human species since 3000 BCE as a source of preventative healthcare.  My main career goal is to help our current healthcare system transition from a state of relying heavily on tertiary medicine or "sick-care" - to a system that utilizes more  preventative healthcare or "wellness training" which allows each individual to listen and understand their bodies needs  to catch the dis-comfort in their bodies before it turns into dis-ease or dis-function. 


I completed my 750 hour massage training at the Body Therapy Center and School of Massage in 2010. The training was life changing and set me on an incredible journey to heal myself in order to facilitate and hold space for others to heal. I continued my education through Southwestern Illinois College (SWIC) and received an Associates Degree in Applied Science Massage Therapy in 2011. Over the years, I have enjoyed the privilege of taking many continuing education unit (CEU) courses in modalities such as: Neuromuscular Therapy (certified), Thai yoga massage, chakra clearing, Reiki (level 1 attuned), Tuina, sports massage, Biodynamic Cardiovascular Therapy (certified),  Lomi  Lomi, Thai table massage, sound bowl massage, Native American healing touch, Myofascial Release (certified), raindrop massage, and vibrational raindrop massage.


In addition to being a massage therapist and bodyworker, I am also a 200 hour trained yoga instructor with 4 years of teaching experience. I started my journey in 2016 by obtaining a level one YogaFit certification through Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE). As a student trained group fitness instructor teaching a body pump style class, I wanted to learn more workout styles to teach and jumped at the opportunity to get a discounted training for being a student. Part of my first training required 8 hours of volunteer service to receive the certification, and while volunteering for the Scott Air Force Base (SAFB) 375th medical group, I fell in love with teaching. I had found a new outlet for healing that allowed me to help more people at one time than doing massage. I soon enrolled in a 200 hour yoga alliance certified program through Gaia Studio Edwardsville and acquired my certificate in December of 2017. I continue to teach yoga for SIUE campus recreation and volunteer for the SAFB air national guard, in addition to maintaining my massage and yoga practice located out of the Yoga Sanctuary of Belleville.




Throughout my career, I have balanced building a massage practice with working a second job and going to school. Before leaving SWIC, I received a second "Associates in Arts" degree, since my original plan was to get a Master's in Psychology. While enrolled at SIUE I went through a major life transition that steered my off my originally intended plan and into studying as a triple major in psychology, exercise science, and nutrition. During this time period, I started teaching yoga and then went to yoga school. After completing my yoga training, I decided to graduate with only one major in order to focus on my career and chose to receive my Bachelors' Degree in Psychology with a minor in Nutrition in December of 2018. Before graduating, I took a free training to become a lifeguard and am a non-practicing American Red Cross Certified Lifeguard. In the future, I hope to travel around the country and overseas more for my continuing education learning. I do plan to go back for my Master's degree at some point in the future, but I haven't decided if I want to go for psychology, acupuncture and oriental medicine, chiropractics, or osteopathic medicine.   


License number: 227014694

Insured by ABMP