Meredith Brunner
A Holistic Health Mere LLP

Affiliate Links

I love assisting others in discovering the tools that are best for their health and wellness journey and have chosen to become an affiliate of a few companies to be able to offer a discount to my clients. The following companies are ones that I highly recommend as I use their products or tools on a daily basis.



One of my favorite food companies offering certified organic, non GMO, vegan protien bars, drinks and powders. This employee owned B-corp has a mission of providing simple nutritious food to create a healthier & happier world.


Young Living

One of my favorite essential oil brands, I have been using these oils since 2016 and absolutely LOVE their blends! Plus, their single oils have been some of the most potent I have found along my journey of using essential oils. Essential oils have been used for healing purposes for centuries and are a very powerful to use on the healing journey. 


6 Lynx

I bought my crystal chakra singing bowl set from this company in December of 2022, and they have been a lovely addition to my Nepali made metal singing bowls for providing sound healing in group and single person sessions. Made of pure quartz crystal melted down and molded to shape, these bowls resonate with the solfeggio tones of nature that create the beautiful patterns of life. Sound healing has been proven to harmonize the body and promote health and wellness in the body mind and energy system. Use the code below to receive 10% off your purchase.